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At Perth Arbor Services, we offer a range of professional tree services in Perth,
including tree lopping, tree risk assessment, palm trimming, tree pruning,
power line clearance and tree removals seven days a week.

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Tree Removal

Tree Removal

Perth Arbor Services are experts in the removal of any sized tree or palm in any area. With the combination of experience, knowledge, equipment and keeping on the forefront of best techniques we are able to remove anything safely and efficiently.

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Tree Lopping

Tree Lopping

Our skilled arborists prune to the latest Australian standards so you can rest assured that the health of your trees will not be compromised. Trimming and pruning your trees should be carried out by knowledgeable professionals.

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Land Clearance

Land Clearance

If you have a plot of land that needs clearing of trees and shrubs to prepare for construction, we offer a comprehensive total lot clearance service. To ensure the safe removal of large trees, an experienced tree surgeon in Perth is your best option.

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Tree Lopping
Perth Experts

Whenever there is an alternative, we do not recommend lopping as it can be detrimental to the health of the tree in question. Nevertheless, there are occasions when it is the only practical solution and on such occasions, we will carry out tree lopping in such a way as to minimise any damage caused. The process of lopping involves the removal of large lateral branches and may sometimes be necessary if a tree’s outward growth is interfering with nearby power lines or buildings. In the event that a tree is seriously damaged by lighting or other forces of nature, it may also be necessary to lop off the affected branches, to ensure they do not pose a safety risk to people living or working in the vicinity.

If tree lopping is carried out too often or too severely, there is a real possibility that the tree on which the procedure is performed will eventually die as a result of the trauma it has suffered. However, our highly skilled team of Perth tree surgeons will do everything in their power to make sure that this does not happen, by the selective lopping of only those parts of the tree that are actually causing a problem.

If you would like to enquire about tree lopping in Perth, please feel free to contact us at any time. One of our experienced tree surgeons will be more than happy to discuss the issues you are facing and to suggest some practical alternatives if applicable, or to provide you with a quotation for lopping if not. We can also come to your property in order to assess the trees on your land, before recommending a suitable course of action.

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Tree Removal
Services in Perth

Drastic problems sometimes call for drastic solutions and if the removal of a tree should be the only sensible course of action, you need an experienced team of tree surgeons such as ours to carry out the work. While it might sound like a job that requires more power than skill, tree removal is in fact a highly technical procedure that needs to be approached with great care if it is to be completed safely. All of our arborists are fully qualified and experienced experts who are more than capable of handling such a task quickly and efficiently.

If you would like our professional opinion as to whether removal is the right option or whether they may be an alternative course of action that can be taken to save your tree, we will be delighted to inspect the specimen that is causing you problems, perform a full tree risk assessment, and to advise you on the best way forward. We have dealt with thousands of trees over the years and as fully qualified tree surgeons, you can rely on us to provide you with an impartial and informed opinion whatever the circumstances.

There are a number of reasons why it may be necessary to remove a tree but the most common involve safety issues or the health of the tree in question. If a tree becomes infested with pests and is clearly dying, removal may be the only practical option. If a specimen has simply grown too large for its surroundings and is posing a clear danger to nearby structures, it may also be the only realistic course of action to take. If you would like to speak to one of our experts about tree removal in Perth or make an appointment for a member of our team to visit your property, we invite you to get in touch whenever convenient.

Severe storms can cause a great deal of damage to mature trees, leaving them in a condition that poses significant risk to people and property. Fortunately, most businesses and homeowners have insurance policies that will cover the cost of repairs in such circumstances but you will need a detailed invoice to ensure that you are able to claim for the full amount. At Perth Arborist Services, we have a great deal of experience in rendering trees safe after storm or accidental damage and always provide a full and accurate invoice covering all of the work that we do. If you are planning to claim on an insurance policy for repair work that needs carrying out in your garden, our tree services in Perth are your best choice.

How we work

at Perth Arbor

When tackling most jobs, we arrange to survey the land and trees in question and will then provide you with a detailed quotation covering all the work you would like us to perform.

After evaluating our quotation, you can call to arrange a convenient date and time for us to attend your property and carry out the necessary work. However, in some cases a more urgent response is required. In these cases, you can request our emergency service. For urgent tree surgery or tree removal in Perth simply pick up the phone and call us immediately.

Our response times are among the best in the business and when you deal with Perth Arborist Services, you know that your trees will be in safe hands.

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What Customers say


I needed some trees cut down that were blocking gutters at my rental. Called Perth Arbor and was attended/ quoted the same day. Work done within three days. The Perth Arbor team knew their stuff, provided good, honest advice, and went about their business courteously and professionally. They presented as a more professional, knowledgeable and capable outfit than the competition yet came in with the best price. Would happily recommend them.
Camerson Blaine | Perth
Perth Arbor Services provided a highly knowledgeable and skilled service with good old fashioned manners and customer focus. It was a pleasure to deal with Tony and his able team.
Christopher | Applecross
Although it was very sad to say good-bye to our dead liquid amber, we found great comfort in the professional and very friendly way the Perth Arbor Services team handled the removal of it. Happy to recommend them to anyone!
Else & Niel Lesmurdie | Perth
Thanks Tony for your prompt reply to my message regarding my gum trees. It was really great to find someone who actually listened and only took enough foliage off my beautiful trees to make them safe. Thanks heaps.
Kaye | Greenmount
I had phoned around for quotes to completely remove 2 palm trees from my property. Due to the limited access available at my villa the quotes were either very high or the company could not do it. Tony and his team were brilliant. They were able to provide professional service for a reasonable price. Would definitely recommend them to friends, family or anyone!!!!
Sue | Tuart Hill
Perth Arbor Service is a very reliable and professional provider of services to our company. They are courteous and go out of their way to assist where possible. I have no hesitation in recommending Perth Arbor Services.
David Raad | Osborne Park
Perth Arbor Service was prompt and the quoted price for the job I requested came in under what I expected it to be, the team that turned up to my house and my investment property were friendly and completed the tasks within a timely manner. Both properties were left neat and tidy upon completion of the job. I will and have recommended these guys to my friends.
Zac Limb | Perth
I have needed to use the services of Perth Arbor Services on two occasions. Both times Tony has been prompt, knowledgeable and very accommodating with regards to our tree management issues. He and his team worked efficiently, tidily and without disruption at our home. The fees were fair and reasonable for the work undertaken. I have recommended Perth Arbor Services to my family and friends would not hesitate to use them again in the future.
Vicky & Dave | Swanview
At last, I’ve found a tree services Company that I’ll call on again and again. From the generous, helpful advice given by Arborist, Michael, to the friendly and efficient pruning work done, this was a very positive experience delivered by professionals who had great regard for safety, for trees and also for customer service. Excellent value.
Polly Low | Perth