Tree Risk Assessment

Tree Risk Assessment in Perth

Worried about the health of your trees? Our expert aborists can catch potential problems before they become major risks to property or people.

Perth Arbor Services offer comprehensive tree risk assessment services in Perth and surrounding suburbs. We can help you keep your trees safe, secure and beautiful.

We will inspect all trees on your property and provide a detailed assessment of the current state of your trees, the level of risk present, and recommendations for managing that risk going forward.

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What We Offer

Perth Arbor Services provide a comprehensive tree risk assessment service, where we come to your property and survey your trees to assess their current state of health, and to determine whether they pose any immediate or potential risk to surrounding structures or people.

A professional tree risk assessment, carried out by a qualified tree surgeon, will help to avoid the risk of injury to both people and property that can result from tree and branch failure in unstable specimens.

Core Considerations

Every tree risk assessment we perform covers several core considerations before we begin. These include:

  1. How much “traffic” passes under the tree (people and cars)
  2. How close is the tree to buildings, power lines, or other infrastructure?
  3. What is the soil like around the tree?
  4. What weather is the tree typically exposed to?

A tree with no targets – people, pets, livestock, buildings or infrastructure – is a safe tree. A tree growing in loose soil, buffered by high winds, with a powerline just next to it, that overhangs a footpath where children walk to school, is a very different story!

As professional arborists, we are capable of providing expert advice on managing common hazards and risks with your trees, as well as performing additional tree services were required.

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