Tree Stump Removal and Grinding in Perth

Tree Stump Grinding and Removal in Perth

Don’t be left with an unsightly stump on your property once a tree has been removed. Tree stumps are not only unattractive as far as most people are concerned, they can also present a trip hazard to children running in gardens or unwary joggers in parks.

Make sure that any tree removals on your property include professional tree stump grinding or removal with Perth Arbor Services. As one of the many services we offer, we are well equipped to handle any stump, any time.

Using a powerful stump grinder with a high-speed cutting disk, we can grind down even the densest of stumps to below ground level, ensuring that it poses no risk to people or pets in the area.

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Stump Removal PerthThe Benefits

There are a number of reasons to consider removing tree stumps from your land, the most important of which we have listed below.

Preventing New Growth – New growth can often sprout from stumps that are left behind, necessitating further removal at a later date. When ground down to a level below the land on which they are located, this is not a problem you will have to deal with.

Elimination of Potential Trip Hazard – As mentioned above, the stump that remains after a tree has been felled can be a hazard, especially for children and pets, when left in situ. When they are ground down completely, they pose no such risk.

Removing an Inconvenient Obstacle –Stumps that are left in the middle of a lawn can be difficult to manoeuvre around when mowing grass. By hiring our experienced team, which specialises in tree stump grinding in Perth, you can eliminate this potential issue at a very reasonable cost.

Ensuring Insects Do Not Pose a Problem – Decaying tree stumps attract termites, ants, beetles, and other tree-boring insects so it is a good idea to remove them sooner rather than later. While they may not be a problem in your garden, termites and other insects could cause substantial damage in the event they spread to nearby properties.

Creating Space for New Landscaping Projects – Whether you would like to build a new flower bed in your garden or install an attractive water feature, a large tree stump in the wrong place could easily prevent you from doing so.

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With many years experience of stump grinding in Perth, we are capable of tackling even the most difficult jobs with ease. Wherever a stump may be located and whatever its size, Perth Arbor Services can grind it down for you. Call today for further information or to request a competitive quotation.

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