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As a property owner in Dalkeith, keeping your landscape groomed may be one of your highest priorities. The health and appearance of your trees play an integral role in maintaining your property.

The problem that many property owners have, however, is that tree pruning or removal can hold the risk of causing personal injury or damage to your property. You may also not have the proper equipment to conduct various tree maintenance work.

For these reasons, it is safer and, in the long run, financially beneficial, to leave these jobs to the professionals. Perth Arbor Services can take care of all your tree related needs. Keep reading to learn more.

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Since the team at Pert Arbor Services holds degrees in Arboriculture from Murdoch and extensive experience in dealing with trees on residential and commercial properties, we can provide you with high-end tree lopping and removal services.

Since 2011, Perth Arbor Services have been providing a wide range of professional tree-related services. We focus on meeting our clients’ individual needs, ensuring the health of trees as well as their ecosystems, and conserving natural resources.

When it comes to tree landscaping, pruning, lopping, and removal, you need the services of expert tree surgeons. Do you have problems with trees on your property? Find out more about our services below.


Tree Lopping, Removal and Land Clearance in Dalkeith

Tree lopping involves the indiscriminate cutting of major branches from your tree to reduce its size. Lopping is not the same as careful pruning and thinning to help a tree survive.

Tree lopping can be inherently risky to a tree’s health, and it is essential that you only use professional services to reduce the size of your tree. After lopping, the tree may not have enough leaves to photosynthesize, and it can become more vulnerable to pests and decay.

Perth Arbor Services conduct all lopping services in a manner that ensures the health of trees.


Removal and Land Clearance

In addition to tree lopping and pruning, we can also remove trees and clear your land entirely from shrubs and bushes. Before we start with a removal project, we take precautionary measures to eliminate the risk of damage to your property completely.


Tree Risk Assessment for Dalkeith Homes

When we conduct a tree risk assessment at your property, we determine how likely an event is to happen, and what are the consequences if an incident does occur.

After conducting a thorough tree risk assessment, we will provide you with a report with recommendations of how you should go about to mitigate any tree-related risks on your property.


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Trees can be your property’s most significant source of value and aesthetic appeal. Unfortunately, trees can also be problematic and carry the risk of damage or personal injury.

If you need high-end tree solutions, Perth Arbor Services can help. We service the entire Dalkeith, and we can help you too.


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Tree Pruning Perth

Perth Arbor Services offer a full range of tree maintenance services in Perth, including trimming, thinning and pruning of all species. We are friendly and experienced palm and tree maintenance experts – call us today to handle all your pruning needs.

Stump Grinding

Servicing Perth and surrounding suburbs Perth Arbor Services have the know how to help with all your tree stump grinding and removal needs. We are capable of tackling even the most difficult jobs with ease, wherever the stump may be located and whatever its size.

Land Clearance

Prepare the area for your new build with Perth Arbor Services. Whether it’s a big commercial project or domestic extension our team of professional and friendly arborists are here to help! Land clearance, lot clearance and tree clearing services all over Perth.

Tree Risk Assessment

Worried about the health of your trees? Our expert aborists can catch potential problems before they become major risks to property or people. Perth Arbor Services offer comprehensive tree risk assessment services in Perth and surrounding suburbs.

Tree Lopping Perth

Call the professional and friendly team at Perth Arbor Services for all your Tree Lopping Perth needs! Perth Arbor Services are the leading experts in tree lopping in Perth, offering high-quality service, professional management, and specialised knowledge and advice for all our clients.

Tree Removal

At Perth Arbor Services, we love trees. But even we understand that sometimes they need to be removed. We offer our comprehensive tree removal services all across Perth with a highly trained team ready to safely and quickly remove trees from your property.