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When it comes to property management, dealing with trees is inevitable. Many property owners typically struggle to treat their trees effectively as they don’t necessarily have the correct skills and equipment.

As a layperson, it is not the best idea for you to cut off branches at high altitudes without the proper experience or tools. Not only can you hurt yourself or someone else, but you can also damage your property.

The good news is that, if you live in Mount Lawley, you don’t have to deal with tree maintenance ever again. Perth Arbor Services provides this area with high-quality tree maintenance and removal services. Keep reading to learn how we can help you.

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Since the trees in your garden are sensitive to lopping and changes in their environment, you need an expert to ensure that they don’t incur long-term damage from excessive branch cutting and pruning.

Perth Arbor Services’ team have all the necessary arboriculture degrees and experience to help you with all your tree care and removal needs. Our primary services include tree lopping, removal, and land clearance.


Tree Lopping, Removal, and Land Clearance in Mount Lawley

Tree lopping is when you cut off branches indiscriminately to prevent the growth of branches outside your property and to maintain the tree’s appearance.

To ensure that your trees are lopped correctly, our lopping services are ideal. If you do it yourself or use subpar lopping services, you run the risk of killing your tree or increasing its vulnerability to pests and decay.

In some cases, you may need to remove a single tree or clear an entire land of trees, plants, and shrubs for a construction project. Perth’s Arbor Services’ high-quality tree removal and land clearance services are ideal if you want to get the job done safely and reliably.


Tree Risk Assessment for Mount Lawley Homes

Trees on your property can pose various risks. They may be poisonous to children or animals, their branches may be on the verge of falling, or their roots may start to lift your structure.

To determine the most optimal course of action, you can contact Perth Arbor Services for a tree risk assessment. We will visit your property to find out how likely an event is to happen and what you can do to avoid it from happening.

In most cases, merely lopping the tree is sufficient to mitigate the risk of damage, but we may also recommend complete removal of the tree.


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Perth Arbor Services has been active in Mount Lawley since 2011. We provide emergency tree removal or lopping services, general gardening assistance, fixing up of greenery, and clearing powerlines of branches and twigs.

When you use our services, our goal is to provide you with comprehensive gardening solutions that meet your needs, and that will save you money and time over the long-run.

For the ultimate in safety and reliability, contact Perth Arbor Services today.


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Tree Pruning Perth

Perth Arbor Services offer a full range of tree maintenance services in Perth, including trimming, thinning and pruning of all species. We are friendly and experienced palm and tree maintenance experts – call us today to handle all your pruning needs.

Stump Grinding

Servicing Perth and surrounding suburbs Perth Arbor Services have the know how to help with all your tree stump grinding and removal needs. We are capable of tackling even the most difficult jobs with ease, wherever the stump may be located and whatever its size.

Land Clearance

Prepare the area for your new build with Perth Arbor Services. Whether it’s a big commercial project or domestic extension our team of professional and friendly arborists are here to help! Land clearance, lot clearance and tree clearing services all over Perth.

Tree Risk Assessment

Worried about the health of your trees? Our expert aborists can catch potential problems before they become major risks to property or people. Perth Arbor Services offer comprehensive tree risk assessment services in Perth and surrounding suburbs.

Tree Lopping Perth

Call the professional and friendly team at Perth Arbor Services for all your Tree Lopping Perth needs! Perth Arbor Services are the leading experts in tree lopping in Perth, offering high-quality service, professional management, and specialised knowledge and advice for all our clients.

Tree Removal

At Perth Arbor Services, we love trees. But even we understand that sometimes they need to be removed. We offer our comprehensive tree removal services all across Perth with a highly trained team ready to safely and quickly remove trees from your property.