2 Ways a Tree Surgeon Can Save Your Dying Tree

A tree surgeon is a professional who is trained in the practice of arboriculture. Also known as an arborist or an arboriculturalist, tree surgeons study, cultivate, and manage trees- helping them to grow healthily and safely, and helping to cure sick and dying trees. Tree surgeons focus specifically on individual trees as opposed to forests or nurseries, which is the job of a forester or horticulturalist. This is why many people employ tree surgeons to care for and maintain their individual trees.

A skilled and well-trained tree surgeon will be able to keep the branches of your trees at a safe and healthy length, as well as address any issues that might arise in regards to the growth and health of your tree. Depending on where the tree is located and what is wrong with it, you might need to call in a specialist to help your sick tree. If you have a beloved tree that is dying, don’t give up on it quite yet. Instead, call a local tree surgeon to see if they are able to help you tree.

Here are 2 ways a tree surgeon can save your dying tree-

1. They Will Know How to Properly Spray Your Tree

A common problem that kills trees is insect infestation. If your tree has a bug problem and is dying because of it, a tree surgeon will know how to help. They will be able to identify the type of infestation that your tree has and will know exactly how to pinpoint the problem, address the problem, and prevent it from happening again. There are often a lot of laws in place when it comes to chemicals and pesticides, and for good reason, with environmental factors weighing heavily on the use of pesticides.

A skilled tree surgeon will be aware of the regulations surrounding pesticide usage and will be able to work with these regulations to make the most informed decisions for your tree. If you find that your tree is having an insect problem, contacting a skilled tree surgeon will be the best decision for you. This is because they are experts who will know exactly how to address this issue without causing damage to the rest of your yard, or your other trees. Spraying trees can be a risky venture if you don’t know exactly what you are doing, and you can actually end up causing more harm to your trees in the long run.

2. They Can Assess and Address Problems Early On

There are a lot of warning signs that your tree might be dying, but you probably don’t know how to recognize them, let alone how to address and solve them. When you are working with a trusted tree surgeon, they will be able to look at your tree and right away tell if it is at risk of death or illness. Some of the factors that they look for are poor structure, weak joints, and cankers, to name a few things. These factors are not always obvious to the naked eye, but a tree surgeon will be able to notice them and will know how to help the tree.

The best way to save your tree is to address the issues before they become issues. If you have a tree surgeon come out to your property regularly to trim and check out your trees, then you will always remain one step ahead of issues that plague trees. While you might not always be able to save a tree that has been dying for a while, experts can almost always save a tree that is on its way towards dying. It’s smart to stay on top of these things.


One of the best ways to ensure that your trees will not die is to have an expert come out to maintain them regularly by trimming them and clearing the area around them.

If you live in the Perth area and you have a dying tree, or you simply have trees that need to be taken care of by an expert, don’t hesitate to contact Perth Arbor Services. Our expert tree surgeons will do whatever we can to save your dying trees.