5 Reasons Why Removing a Tree Yourself Is a Bad Idea

A DIY tree removal is never a good idea. If you go into this tree service unprepared, it can prove to be extremely costly, time-consuming, and dangerous, not to mention that the process of cleaning up after a tree removal is a whole other issue.

If you’ve ever had an unhealthy or dead tree on your property, you understand why removing it completely is so tempting. You might even consider doing it yourself to try and save some money as well as avoid the hassle of finding a reputable tree servicing company. Unfortunately, DIY tree removals can be very expensive and unsafe for an inexperienced individual.

There are a lot of tree servicing companies out there that offer a variety of tree maintenance services in the Perth area, and they are definitely worth looking into before deciding to put yourself in danger by removing the tree all by yourself. Here are 5 reasons why removing a tree yourself is a bad idea:

1. It Is a Major Time Commitment

Completely removing a tree is a very tedious and time-consuming endeavour. If you decide to remove the tree yourself, you need to factor in the time it will take you to plan the tree removal, prepare for it, execute the process, and perform the labour-intensive work of cleaning after your job is done.

2. You Will Need to Rent a Lot of Equipment

To remove a tree, a lot of specialized equipment is needed to get the job done. Without the proper industry-strength tools, your personal maintenance equipment is likely to burn out and fail before even putting a dent in the job. Even just the right type of chainsaw, which needs to have a certain level of both horsepower and tongue length, can be incredibly expensive.

A professional tree servicing company will already own all the necessary equipment or will easily be able to rent anything that they do not have on hand. They will also be trained in how to safely operate the equipment, so no accidental injuries will occur during the process.

3. It Can Be Very Dangerous

The whole ordeal of removing a tree can be very unsafe if you are lacking the experience and proper specialised equipment to do it safely. Once the tree you are removing begins to fall, you will have no control as to which direction it goes. Even if you try planning ahead and try to influence it to fall a certain way, mistakes can happen and result in the tree falling on your neighbour’s new car, power lines, homes, or even people.

When it is time to remove the stump, avoiding damage to your property can get even more tricky. A professional tree servicing business with have the necessary experience to assess the stump and navigate the safest way to remove the stump without causing any property damage or injuries.

4. The Clean-Up Is a Huge Inconvenience on Its Own

After your tree and stump have been removed, the debris and other things, like shavings, will be left behind and need to be disposed of. Unfortunately, most trash collectors will not pick these up for you, which means you will have to spend the time and energy to find your own way to dispose of it. This just creates even more work for you to do even after your job is done.

5. The Whole Process Will End Up Being Quite Expensive

There are a lot of expenses that go into removing a tree, including purchasing equipment, insurance coverage, and however much your individual time is worth. Insurance is necessary in case an accidental injury occurs because those medical bills can add up quickly, even with minor injuries. Besides insurance, you need to consider how much you value your individual working time because you will end up spending a lot of hours trying to get the technique right and effectively executing your tree removal plan. Combined with the costs of equipment rentals or purchases, will you really be saving any money by removing the tree yourself?

Many companies will be happy to offer you a quote and price breakdown of their services if you inquire about it. Hiring a professional company saves you the trouble of an unsafe DIY tree removal and creates a much more pleasant experience. At Perth Arbor Services, we offer a complete range of tree services and have a lot of experience with safe tree removal.

Additional Considerations Against DIY Tree Removal

Environmental Impact

The removal of a tree, especially a large one, can have far-reaching effects on the local ecosystem. Trees play a crucial role in supporting wildlife, providing habitats, and maintaining soil stability. Improper tree removal can lead to habitat destruction, species displacement, and increased soil erosion. Professional tree removers can evaluate the ecological impact and take measures to mitigate harm, such as choosing the right time of year to avoid disrupting nesting birds or recommending the transplantation of smaller trees.

Professionals are also equipped to advise on and implement replacement planting strategies that maintain local biodiversity. They can suggest native species that will thrive in the area, ensuring that the environmental footprint of removal is balanced. This approach is not only beneficial for the ecosystem but can also align with the increasing demand for sustainable practices, which is important to many residents and local bodies in Western Australia.

Property Value Considerations

A well-maintained landscape, including healthy trees, can significantly enhance property value, while the removal of a tree, if done improperly, can detract from it. Professional tree services can help assess the impact of a tree on a property’s value. They can provide a cost-effective solution that balances the aesthetic appeal with safety concerns. For example, they might recommend pruning rather than full removal or suggest how the tree could be integrated into a new landscaping plan.

Experts can also ensure that the removal is done without damaging the surrounding property—preserving lawns, gardens, and structures—which is crucial for maintaining property value. If the tree is diseased or poses a risk, a professional can remove it cleanly, ensuring that the curb appeal and integrity of the property are not compromised. They may also provide documentation of the tree’s condition and the need for removal, which can be valuable for real estate transactions.

Expert Assessment of Tree Health

Professional arborists have the training to assess a tree’s health accurately and determine the best course of action. In some cases, what might seem like a tree that needs removal could actually be treated and preserved. This can save homeowners the cost of removal and maintain the environmental and aesthetic benefits of the tree. Arborists can diagnose issues such as diseases or pest infestations and recommend treatments, such as soil management or pruning, to restore the tree’s health.

By consulting a professional, homeowners also get advice on managing their trees to prevent future problems. This could involve strategic pruning, fertilisation, or other care techniques that extend the life of the tree and prevent issues that could necessitate removal down the line. This proactive approach can be more cost-effective and environmentally sustainable over the long term.

Long-Term Cost-Benefit Analysis

The initial costs of DIY tree removal—equipment rental, safety gear, and potential property damage—can seem manageable. However, when factoring in the long-term costs, including the risk of injury, legal fines, and potential reduction in property value, the savings become questionable. Professional services may appear more expensive upfront but often provide greater value over time. They carry their own insurance, have the right equipment, and can prevent costly mistakes.

Professionals also save homeowners time—a resource that has its own value. The hours spent on planning, executing, and cleaning up after a DIY removal can be substantial. For many, this time could be better spent on other activities or work, making the cost of hiring a professional worth the investment for the convenience and peace of mind it provides.

Stress and Liability Issues

DIY tree removal can be a significant source of stress, especially for those without experience. The possibility of injury, property damage, or legal complications can weigh heavily on a homeowner. In contrast, hiring a professional tree service transfers the burden of liability to the company, which is typically insured for such risks. This insurance is critical in protecting homeowners from potential claims or lawsuits that could arise if a tree falls on a neighbour’s property or causes injury.

Furthermore, professionals are equipped to handle unexpected complications safely and efficiently, reducing the stress on the homeowner. They can manage the entire process, from obtaining permits to the final cleanup, allowing the homeowner to focus on their daily life without the added worry of the tree removal process.

Alternatives to Removal

Professionals can offer a range of alternatives to complete tree removal that might not be apparent to the layperson. For example, strategic pruning can often alleviate risks without necessitating the tree’s removal. In other cases, cabling and bracing can provide structural support to a tree, making it safe to keep. These options can preserve the environmental benefits of the tree while addressing safety concerns.

In addition, arborists can provide advice on planting new trees that are more suitable for the space or recommending species that are less likely to become problematic in the future. They can also help implement a landscape design that incorporates existing trees in a way that enhances property aesthetics and value.

Insurance and Bonding

Professional tree removal services in Western Australia are typically insured and bonded, offering protection that DIY cannot match. This means that if an accident happens on your property during the tree removal process, the company’s insurance should cover the damages. Bonding, on the other hand, provides a level of guarantee that the job will be completed as agreed upon. If the company fails to complete the job or does so unsatisfactorily, the bond can provide compensation to the homeowner.

This is a critical consideration, as any damages or accidents resulting from DIY tree removal can lead to significant out-of-pocket expenses for the homeowner. The cost of repairing a neighbor’s damaged property or covering medical expenses for injuries can far exceed the cost of hiring professionals from the start.

Maintenance and After-Care

After a tree has been removed, there may be a need for ongoing maintenance to ensure the health and safety of the remaining trees and landscape. Perth Arbor Services can offer maintenance plans that address issues such as remaining stump treatment, and the care of nearby trees to prevent future problems. This holistic approach to tree care can help maintain a healthy and beautiful property.

Professionals can also guide how to responsibly replant after a removal, ensuring that new trees grow correctly and do not pose future risks. They can suggest species that are native to Western Australia, which are more likely to thrive and support local biodiversity. This guidance can be invaluable in maintaining an eco-friendly and sustainable landscape.