Looking to Boost The Curb Appeal of your Property?

8 Ways to Increase The Exterior Attractiveness of Your Home

Selling a home can be a long and arduous task, and one that requires many boxes to be ticked, in order to increase the chances of a sale. Whilst many focus entirely on the interior aesthetics, such as a lick of paint, tidying up, and general maintenance, it’s vital to focus on another aspect, one which more and more buyers in Western Australia respond to – curb appeal. We’re here to give you some friendly advice on the matter – whether you need tree removal in Perth or general tips to raise the attractiveness of your property from the outside.

If you don’t know what curb appeal is, basically this is the level of attractiveness that your home has on the outside; when someone drives onto your avenue and gazes upon your home, what does it look like to the passer-by? Boost your curb appeal, and potentially boost your chances of a sale tenfold.

Think about it rationally – if you were going to buy a new home, would you want to invest a large amount of cash into a property that looked rundown and unkempt on the outside? It wouldn’t matter so much what the interior looked like, if the exterior needed a lot of work. Perth residents appreciate a good garden as much as the next person and it’s just as important as what’s found inside, according to a recent study. This survey revealed that a huge 71% of buyers cited curb appeal as a game changer in terms of whether they went for the buy or decided to look elsewhere. With competition at an all time high in Perth, you need to get ahead of the game. For that reason, curb appeal is vital.

This also impacts on how much you can expect to sell your property for, as a well kept house and garden, with quality landscaping on the exterior has been shown to increase the total sale value of a property by up to 28% – that’s a big jump, leaving you cashed up.

First impressions are everything, especially in terms of a home, so to help you increase that all important curb appeal, and to make sure that people actually venture inside your home, here are eight ways you can tick that very important box.

Step 1- A little garden TLC is vital

Look at your garden from several angles and see if it looks well kept. Set to work removing weeds and any dead tree branches, whilst removing anything that simply doesn’t belong there, such as any wood or stone that should be discarded. The overall view of tidiness is very pleasing to the eye and gives the buyer confidence that the home has been looked after on the inside, as well as it has on the outside.

Step 2 – Bring your plants to life

If your plants are looking like they have seen better days, then it is time to revive them. Either remove dead plants completely, or treat them to make them appear healthier. Dead plants give a terrible impression to prospective buyers!

Step 3 – Use visual effects in your landscaping

A trick of the trade is to use something called ‘layered landscaping’. This is a clever optical illusion, which brings the eyes and attention towards the door of the property, thus inviting them in. You can do this by planting any small or low items towards the front of your garden, and then move backwards with larger items, e.g. hedges or shrubs, and then larger trees.

Step 4 – Be clever with your planting

Be careful when you plant any trees, because they have a huge effect on the wear and overall appearance of your home. Remember that trees can give shade, wonderful for our warm summers and they can also keeping prying eyes away. Any deciduous trees should be planted on either side of your property, to provide a cooling vacuum, which should cut costs of air conditioning, whilst also keeping away cool winds during the winter months.

Step 5 – Look after your older trees

If you have mature trees in your garden, you need to give them serious TLC. It is thought that properties that have older trees within their grounds sell for higher amounts of cash, because of the aesthetically pleasing appeal, but only if they are well-kept. Perth Arbor Services are happy to advise on the condition of older trees, with expert tree surgeons who can help your trees look top notch.

Step 6 – Mulch is your friend

Whilst mulching has many positive effects for your plants and trees, it can also make your home look much more attractive overall. Make sure you look to spread mulch over the bottom of your trees, to clean up the appearance overall – don’t go over the top though, just a couple of inches is enough.

Step 7 – Be selective with your plants

Do some research into the types of flowers and plants, which grow seasonally, and the trends, which encompass them. This will do a lot for your curb appeal, and also give you a new hobby to enjoy! Add some flowers that do well in the Perth climate, and if you live in coastal areas, be sure to find out what kind of soil you have as different plants do well in varying soil types.

Step 8 – Don’t go over the top

Whilst its important to show trends and a well looked after appearance, make it easy for yourself by choosing options which are low in maintenance, e.g. those which don’t need pruning too often.

Never assume that your garden and overall exterior appearance of your home is simply for you to enjoy, in terms of selling this is a vital point to cover.

If you’re looking to sell your property, Perth Arbor Services can help you out with your landscaping needs. Call (08) 92270010, or pop in at 40 Forrest Street 6050 Perth, for a chat and a free quote. You can also contact us here.