5 Reasons to Prune Your Trees for Autumn

Autumn pruning might not be ideal for all trees and plants, but it can be a very healthy and helpful practice when done correctly. A professional tree servicing company can help the health and look of your garden by pruning your trees in the fall.

Pruning helps your tree’s overall health by removing diseased, dead, or simply damaged branches and preventing the onset of decay or insect invasions into your tree. Pruning is a great way to revitalize your property. In Perth, there are a lot of benefits in pruning your trees for autumn, because pruning can have a significant impact on how the plants grow over the next year.

When done by an experienced professional in your Perth area, pruning can save your garden. Your trees have been waiting to be pruned all year, and this dormant season is a great time to do it. While autumn pruning may slow growth a little, it can encourage healthier growth in the future and add opportunities for tree shaping. Here are 5 reasons to prune your trees for autumn:

1. Helps the Tree Get Ready for Spring

Autumn pruning creates a foundation for the tree to prepare for the upcoming spring. Pruning for the fall makes it easier to direct future growth of the tree by improving the branching pattern. If you wait until after new growth has begun in the spring, for example, the tree’s potential to bloom may be impaired. Pruning also allows more light through your tree’s branches during the cold temperatures of the winter, which your other garden plants will certainly benefit from.

2. Allows You to Prune More Precisely

When you prune in the fall, the falling leaves allow for better visibility of the branches. Once the branches are easier to see, the entire pruning process becomes much easier and even allows the tree servicing company to prune the tree at its core. The added visibility also helps make the process more efficient. Pruning can be a difficult practice, so it helps to find a company that has a lot of experience with pruning.

3. Pruning Helps the Tree Grow Back Stronger

By pruning your trees for the autumn, you create a healthy base for your tree’s new growth in the coming spring. If you prune a tree after it has begun new growth, the tree’s blooming potential will be significantly limited. When done by an experienced professional, pruning will set your tree up for a season of healthy growth.

Another factor to consider is that the cold climate of winter makes it easier for your tree to lose shape and branches. Fortunately, a little healthy pruning for autumn will help your tree resist losing branches and changing shape when faced with cold frost.

4. Fall Pruning Can Help Manage the Spread of Disease

After the leaves have fallen during autumn, the newfound visibility will help you identify any disease or insect problems faster than if they were hidden by the protection of leaves. Another issue is that if you prune in warmer temperatures, like during the spring or summer, the climate may make it easier for some diseases to spread. Disease pathogens tend to be more inactive during autumn, which helps protect your trees during pruning. Warmer temperatures are also more prone to attracting insects that carry and spread diseases into the fresh cut created from your pruning, but this is hardly an issue during the fall.

5. Pruning for Autumn Will Help You Save Both Time and Money

There is a lot of work that goes into tree pruning, and for larger trees, the process can require some serious equipment. During the colder climate of the fall, the ground becomes harder and allows your tree servicing company to more easily and safely utilise their pruning equipment. The equipment becomes easier to use and the job gets done faster, which saves you a significant amount of money.

Pruning your trees in Perth will help maximize your tree’s life expectancy and growth potential, while also keeping your garden and property looking as best as it can. For some, pruning is even a safety precaution – as trees grow larger, a stray branch can cause some serious damage to your property. Pruning is a healthy practice to help you manage diseases, pests, and your tree’s growth.

At Perth Arbor Services, we have pruned every species there is and can handle whatever pruning situation you need us to manage. Whether you are looking for a professional tree servicing company for a routine pruning or an extensive reshaping of your tree, we are ready to tackle it.