5 Key Benefits of Pruning Your Trees in Perth

The start of the year is an opportunity to clean the slate and start afresh. For many households in Australia, this might involve giving the house a good clean, but it’s important to remember that your outdoor spaces need some love too! Whether it’s revamping your landscape design or investing in some well-needed tree pruning in Perth, there are countless ways to revitalise the garden.

While pruning your trees can certainly make your garden look more beautiful, it’s worth noting that the benefits extend far beyond improving the aesthetic factor. From tree health to personal safety and everything in between, keeping the greenery of your property trimmed carries many advantages.

A combination of extensive industry experience and state of the art equipment makes Perth Arbor Service your number one choice when it comes to arboricultural services in Perth and the surrounding areas. Here are five key benefits of pruning your trees in Perth.



  1. Maximise Tree Longevity and Growth

One of the most overlooked advantages of pruning is that it can have a direct impact on how your tree grows, which in turn can improve its overall health and longevity. How? Well, when you prune your tree, you’re essentially dictating which direction it should (and shouldn’t) grow in. This is particularly important when you’re dealing with young trees, as it can help them develop a strong branching and root structure.

In addition, if you time your pruning correctly, you can promote the growth of new branches. For example, fruit-bearing trees should be trimmed prior to blossoming so that they produce new branches and flowers. For the health of the tree, remember to fertilise these trees directly after the pruning takes place.

With some clever pruning, it’s possible to give the trees in your garden a strong foundation and maximise their chances of surviving the blustery storms that are bound to approach sooner or later.


  1. Keep Your Garden Looking Beautiful

Of course, the most obvious benefit of pruning your trees in Perth is that it can do wonders for the appearance of your backyard. It’s easy for the garden to get out of hand, particularly if you have a large property, and before you know it your trees and bushes can quickly become overgrown and turn your backyard into an unsightly mess.

Pruning the branches back is an easy way to restore order to your garden, increase sunlight exposure and keep things looking neat and tidy. A professional arborist will be able to trim your trees into a natural, organic shape while maintaining visual balance within the landscape. This is particularly important if you’re thinking about selling your home in the near future, as kerb appeal can have an enormous influence on the first impression prospective buyers get when they come to inspect the property.


  1. Keep Your Property Safe

When it comes to home maintenance, safety is paramount, and nowhere is this more apparent than in your backyard. As trees grow larger, they can cause serious damage if they were to topple over or branches were to snap off in during a storm. In addition, diseases and pests that infect the trunk, roots and branches can lead to trees becoming weak and brittle and make them significantly more likely to cause damage if they were to fall. While it’s true that some species are naturally more prone to decay, the fact of the matter is that all trees pose a certain level of risk to you, your family and your property.

Thankfully, pruning can minimise this danger. A professional tree pruning service will have the expertise required to identify and remove dead and potentially dangerous branches, reducing the risk of debris falling in high wind conditions. Tree pruning is also critical for preventing branches from getting tangled up in electrical wires and other nearby manmade structures that may be a safety hazard.




  1. Control the Spread of Tree Disease

As with just about all living things, trees are vulnerable to disease. Cankers, for instance, are known to spread through water and the wind and have plagued trees across Australia for a number of years. Meanwhile, a variety of bugs and beetles tend to dig into the branches of many tree species and spread infection.

These infections and pests can quickly kill off your tree if left to go unchecked. Unfortunately, there often isn’t a cure, but pruning can help control the spread of the disease. If you identify a diseased branch, it’s vital that you get in touch with a professional arborist as they may be able to prune the affected limb and prevent the infection from spreading any further. By taking a proactive approach to tree disease, you can stop the spread of infection and keep your trees looking beautiful for years to come.


  1. Improve Your Views

Many regions in Perth are blessed with spectacular views of the surrounding region. Pruning wayward branches of the trees in your backyard can keep your views unobstructed and allow you to keep enjoying the sight of all the natural beauty that Western Australia has to offer. Beyond the visual aspect, trimming back your trees also helps retain your property’s value – it goes without saying that everyone loves a great view!

To sum it up, there are many advantages to pruning your trees in Perth. Now the only question is: who will do the pruning?

While it is possible to perform light trimming jobs on your own, when it comes to more serious pruning tasks it’s a better idea to call in the professionals. Here at Perth Arbor Services, we’re proud to be the tree pruning service of choice in Perth. With extensive industry experience, top of the range equipment and a strong focus on customer service, we’ll do everything we can to prune your trees to perfection. For more information or for a no-obligation quote, get in touch with the friendly team today on (08) 9227 0010.